Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective MDX John Wick Review

Mezco Toyz John Wick Review
John Wick blew up on the scene a few years ago and has been a total hit!  Keanu is really at his best in this role, and the gun play and action sequences are excellent.  Mezco has taken his character from John Wick 2 and put him into a sophisticated 1/12 scale.  The hype for this figure has been ongoing for over a year, but when I finally got him in my hands I really feel like it’s average at best.  Mezco had a lot of time and pushed back the release date, all raising our hopes that this would truly be an ultimate figure. I was let down, but let's take a closer look at the final John Wick from Mezco Toyz.   

  • Excellent set of weapons but no paint on them
  • Chest is well made
  • Detailed wrist watch
  • Ten interchangeable hands
  • Dress shoes with socks is a nice detail 
  • Limited single joint body
  • Suit jacket has padding in shoulders and hinders articulation
  • Dog has no articulation 
  • Tie is cheap and poorly made 
  • Head sculpts are average 
John always dresses sharp, wearing a suit made of Kevlar and usually fully loaded ready for battle. So far, there's been three John Wick movies with two coming in the near future. Wick is a hugely popular character and I believe a lot of  Wick fans were eagerly waiting for this release, with most of them feeling let down.  The suit looks very nice, but it comes on the terrible single jointed body and hinders his gun control right out of the tin.  The suit jacket has padding in the shoulders that bunches up or doesn't lay flat unless he’s in a basic static pose. The tie is very cheap, and not to the same quality we have received from the previous released Gomez figures that came with a tie. The suit should of been better, and similar to the Goldmez suit that was released earlier in the year.
If you've watched any of the John Wick movies, you realize he's all about his specific weapons.  When Mezco first shared images of the figure and all it comes with, a lot of people were very excited with his weapon set.  Now that we have them in hand, they are bland and have almost no paint or details to them.  This is not the standard we are used to when it comes to Mezco from their normal weapons and figures.  The chest is a nice piece, and the trays work really well holding all its pieces.  The chest is most likely the best piece out of the entire set.  
The head sculpts are average at best, with little detail and it feels like they just missed the mark on them.  Wicks dog is a solid piece of plastic with no articulation, and it would of been nice to at least get some head movement with him.  

John Wick has become one of my favorite characters, but this Mezco release just falls short of my expectations of what we were getting. Yes he comes with a lot of guns, but they are plain and need paint touch up.  Yes the suit looks great, just as long as you are not planning on moving him.  The body is hand downs the worst part of the figure, and pretty much ruins it for me.  If you're a Wick fan, its still better than any other release from other companies to date, just be forewarned its not perfect.  

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