Saturday, August 22, 2020

Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Gomez - The Clan of The Golden Dragon Review

 Mezco Toyz Gomez-The Clan of the Golden Dragon Review

First it was the White and Black Shadow Gomez Assassin that came out as Asia Goal exclusives.  I'll admit I was disappointed because I love ninja's and I wasn't going to pay the mark up on the figures.  I've held out and still don't own either of the White or Shadow Assassin Gomez and boy I'm glad I did.  Enter the SDCC 2020 Golden Dragon Gomez, it was exactly what I've been waiting for.  He wasn't the white or black but he still looked awesome and I purchased two of them.  Now that I have it in hand, it's exactly what I would expect to get from a ninja figure.  

  • Three Gomez heads
  • Shinobi suit with arm and leg guards
  • 14 different hands
  • Ninja Grub with sword
  • 31 yes that's 31 ninja accessories
  • Purple smoke plume effect
  • Boom Boom box with stickers
  • Cloak cover
  • Pants are not stitched to the the top of the outfit and have a hard time staying up
  • Belt is not tied tight and comes apart and will need to be retied
  • The main Gomez head with yellow eyes has a weird finish to the black paint
I opened up the box and I instantly get this Bruce Lee vibe right out of the package. His suit pops and looks sharp with a dragon symbol on the back.  I really like the addition of the arm and shin guards on this figure, it just looks like a better quality figure with it.  The three heads he comes with are all pretty cool, but I really love the yellow head with the black eyes on this figure.  It kind of reminds me of a killer bee, or something fierce that is going to attack you!
The weapons are by far my favorite part about this figure. That doesn't mean the figure isn't that great, I just really love ninja weapons and hes loaded. The strap with the pouch for his arrows and swords is sharp, and it functions so well and holds so many variations of weapons. As you begin to load up the Golden Dragon, you realize the belt doesn't hold weapons very well and exposes the top of his pants. I spent a lot of time working on the belt and the pants while taking photographs and it became pretty frustrating. I would recommend when you open this figure its something you pay close attention to.  I've seen a few collectors slip a piece of slim floral wire into the belt to help shape it and hold up the belt/pants.  I haven't been able to try this but its something I will consider doing in the future. Once you have all the weapons where you want them he really looks sharp and like an 70's style ninja from a movie. It's almost impossible to get all of his weapons on and for it to look clean but it can be done.  I really like the Chinese stars, daggers, and short swords as they are unique and not something I have received from a Mezco figure before.  
I waited for a Mezco ninja and my patience paid off.  We'll also be getting the black golden skull ninjas coming over the next 6 months and I can't wait to review them as well.  The Gomez universe continues to expand and it doesn't disappoint with each new release. The pants are a tiny issue but doesn't effect things enough for me to say its not a must buy. If you can get your hands on one its worth it, and a better cost value compared to the Asia Goal releases. Please let me know if you bought one or are planning to get one and what your thoughts are on him.
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