Friday, August 23, 2019

Mezco Toyz Netflix Punisher Review

Mezco Toyz 
Netflix Punisher
The Netflix Punisher show received a lot of hype over the 2 seasons it was on Netflix.  As the show was coming together I was disappointed they chose Jon Bernthal for the role of the Punisher.  I am a huge fan of the Punisher but will admit I haven't watched any of this show as I am not a fan of Bernthal.  Even with these feelings, I'm still going to give a fair review of the figure Mezco has given us. 

  • 2 accurate face sculpts
  • 8 Interchangeable hands
  • Netflix accurate Punisher Vest
  • Black Overcoat
  • Show accurate weapons
  • 2 gun blast effects
  • Body is the limited single joint elbow version
  • Lack of weapons
The first thing you notice is the body Mezco decided to put him on.  Its been coined the "Joker Buck" by Mezco collectors and is very limited in articulation and modifications.  I can't really explain the logic behind this as its an ongoing question within the Mezco community. Is it because the rights cost more to the shows and movies, compared to the comic related figures?  Who knows, but it leads to a less fulfilling figure like this Netflix Punisher. With this body also comes the head sculpt and neck sculpted as one piece compared to the large majority of their more dynamic figures where the neck and head are a separate piece.  Lastly, the single jointed elbows are the most annoying thing on this out of date body.  I can understand a character like Commissioner Gordon being on this body but not a Punisher figure.

Once you get past the body, the clothing and details are pretty well executed by Mezco.  The outfit is slick and even though I hate this Punisher skull version, it looks exactly like the Netflix version. He has a holster for is pistol, and a sheath for his knife on the lower back part of his vest.  The black trench coat he comes with is a new version from Mezco with wire in the collar. He comes with a small arsenal of weapons which is definitely a disappointment for a Punisher figure.
I am not a fan of the show, but if you are this is a great version of the Netflix Punisher.  With the limited body he comes on, he still holds up well with the new gear he comes with.  I would of preferred a body closer to the Blade body and a few more accessories came with him. If you have other Mezco figures, you can definitely use other weapons to add to his look. Let us know if you pick him up, and what your thoughts are on him.
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