Tuesday, August 6, 2019

HIYA Toys Swamp Thing Figure Review

Hiya Toys Swamp Thing
Is the Swamp Thing a human or a monster?  He's a MONSTER, that looks like a mix of trees, branches and maybe a little bit of the Hulk.  I read some of the comics as a kid, watched the movie as a teen and always thought he was a weird character.  This version of Swamp Thing is based off of the video game version in Injustice2 that I've played and I'm actually pretty good with him!
  • Clean paint applications
  • Great articulation for a 3.75" figure
  • Joints are clean and sturdy
  • Detailed Stand
  • 4 interchangeable hands
  • Only comes with one accessory 
I've recently started picking up Hiya's latest figures for the Injustice line and they are actually pretty cool! I collect Modern GI Joe figures, and Hiya's figures kinda remind me of them with better detail. Hiya seems to pride itself on a good base figure, with great details and paint applications. I was able to get him to stand with ease, and achieve a good amount of poses.  I didn't have to apply heat to any of the joints or do any modifications to him out of the package. Generally figures in this price range come with flaws and sometimes require updates to make the figures better. The majority of Hiya figures you can purchase for around $20-$22.
Swamp Thing was the first figure of the Injustice2 line that I opened and I was impressed.  They are better than Hasbro's 3.75" line and come with better accessories.  The paint applications and joints are always my first concern and both are great on this figure.  If you looking to pick up your first Hiya figure, Swamp Thing is a great choice to start your collection.
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