Friday, July 5, 2019

Mezco Toyz Mezitz 1989 Batman and Batmobile

Mezco Toyz Mezitz 
1989 Batman and Batmobile 
It's 1989 and Batman is finally on the big screen and it was a huge leap from the previous TV adaption of the character.  Mezco has taken this iconic film/look of Batman and brought it to life in their Mezitz format!  The Batmobile is perfectly scaled with their 2" Mezitz figures and is a really cool piece to play with and look at! 

  • Excellent quality figures and Batmobile 
  • Simplistic design that matches Mezco's other Mezitz figures
  • Removable Roof
  • Free turning wheels 
  • None!
Figure and Vehicle 
I order the majority of my ONE:12 figures directly from the Mezco site, and they tend to include different blank versions of the Mezitz figures they make.  Over time, I have really grown to love the figures and so have my kids, which is what led me to purchase the 1989 Batman set and the single figure from Mezco.  My son was blown away as soon as he saw it and thought it was cooler then any other toy he owns.  This says a lot for Mezco's product as it appeals to not only us adults by our kids as well. After cracking it open and inspecting it closely, I was impressed with how it's detailed and a cool homage to the 1989 Batman movie suit and Batmobile. The carded version of Batman comes with an exclusive grappling hook gun and batarang.  The version that comes with the Batmobile doesn't include the accessories so I had to get both!
This set is highly detailed and comes in some really sleek packaging from Mezco.  The price range is really reasonable and a step up from items like Funko POPS.  If you also collect other Mezitz figures, I would suggest you take a look at what Mezco's site offers to expand on your collection.  It's official, I now collect the ONE:12 line as well as the Mezitz line.  Please let us know what you think of the Mezitz, and if you collect them as well!

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