Friday, June 14, 2019

Mezco Toyz One:12 Logan Wolverine Review

Mezco Toyz Logan Wolverine
Logan... is there really a better human weapon out there?  Listen, Wolverine is one of the best characters ever created by Marvel.  I know, you can disagree as I'm truly a Punisher fan, but Logan deserves your respect.  This version is after the X-Men, as he continues his endless journey to help people in need while fighting the demons inside of him.  Not long ago Mezco released Old Man Logan which was a great figure, but I really prefer this version even more.  Let's take a closer look at Logan, and see how well Mezco did creating this awesome character!

  • Three head sculpts including a awesome eye patch version
  • Six interchangeable hands including the claws
  • White tank top with blue jeans
  • Brown pleather jacket 
  • Set of dog tags
  • Head sculpt with hat is all one piece
  • Basically Old Man Logan with a few changes like the shirt and the dyed blue pants
When I received Logan, I didn't waste any time opening him up to check him out.  I really like the base body they use for him and Old Man Logan, its muscular and highly detailed with great articulation.  I was disappointed to see the hat was not separate from the head sculpt, but understand it may have been the best approach for this figure. The eye patch head sculpt and the dog tags are two things that really stand out on Logan.  The brown pleather jacket is a nice addition to the ever growing accessories Mezco is offering for their one:12 line. Since Logan is made on the larger body, it works well with other figures like Punisher. Logan doesn't come with a ton of stuff but what he has really captures the character as you see him in the comics.
Are you a fan of Wolverine?  After looking closely at the pictures, I hope you decide that Logan is a figure you would want to own. Mezco has provided a unique set of Wolverine/Logan figures in their line that should make fans of Wolverine very happy.  I wasn't expecting much from this figure, but the simplicity of him really adds to his look when I was snapping pictures.  With all the Mezco versions of Wolverine made so far, which one do you like the best?
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