Monday, December 10, 2018

Mezco Toyz 2018 NYCC Iron Man 42 Figure Review

Mezco Toyz Iron Man 42
Iron Man has so many different suits it's hard to keep track of which ones are from which comic or movie. Mezco's first Iron Man release is the 42 with black, grey and gold highlights with a majority of them being on the metal body.  Iron Man's suits all have a certain lure to them, and the black and gold on this one looks really sharp.  We will be getting more suits out of Iron Man's army, but let's take a closer look at the Model 42.

  • Metal suit is made well and extremely sturdy
  • Removable Face Mask
  • Huge assortment of weapons and extras
    • Chest Beam Repulsor
    • Two Repulsor Beams
    • Two Gauntlet Missiles
    • Rocket Firing Hip Disks
    • Hand and Feet Boosters
  • Scale is well done next to other Mezco 1/12 figures
  • Some of his weapons and attachments can be a little hard to set on the body
I have been waiting for a while to see what Mezco would do with a body that's mostly made of metal. The suit armor is larger than a normal Mezco body which shows great scale as this is a suit than can be worn by a human.  The articulation is great in the shoulders, hips, elbows, knees, and he can easily hold a large number of poses.
Another great thing about Iron Man is all the goodies he can come with depending on which suit we are talking about at the time.  The 42 suit was originally designed for new tech developments, but Tony later decided he wanted to upgrade it for a battle.  I really prefer the suits that have a lot of features and gadgets from the Iron Man line and this doesn't disappoint.
The amount of extras this Iron Man comes with really allows for lots of different looks and poses for displaying or snapping some cool shots of him.  Once you have applied the accessories you like they generally stay on very well and are made to last even if he may take a spill.
Mezco's first Iron Man release doesn't disappoint in the least bit. It may even be one of the best figures they have recently released. After spending a lot of time playing, posing, and just flat out having fun with him I am very excited to get the future Iron Man releases that are coming.  Iron Man is one of the highest quality figures they have released in their 1/12 line so far, and I recommend picking him up if you can get your hands on him.  If not, be on the lookout for future releases of Iron Man coming from Mezco Toyz!

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