Monday, August 13, 2018

Mezco Toyz SDCC 2018 Exclusive Batman Beyond Review

Mezco Toyz 
Batman Beyond 

The Batman Beyond series ran about 20 years ago, and it was really never my favorite version of him.  That being said, Mezco does an excellent job of translating the character into figure form.  The storyline revolves around Terry McGinnis taking over the role of Batman with an older Bruce Wayne serving as a mentor to him. I found this to be an interesting character for Mezco to produce, but the look and feel turned out great.

  • 2 Highly detailed Batman Sculpts
  • 6 different hands including clawed gloves
  • Black spandex outfit with excellent detail
  • Backpack with deployed wings
  • Flight Rockets 
  • 3 Batarangs
  • The backpack can be a little tricky to remove so be gentle 
Batman Beyond has a different suit and tech than his other normal character versions.  The body is the normal high end body Mezco makes with great suit detail and utility belt.  Each of the headsclupts are sharp and detailed along with his clawed hands. The backpack is a plastic piece that can be removed to allow you to place his deployed wings.  All of his parts are sturdy and he holds his poses very well.  I noticed this Batman comes with less accessories but Mezco always does a good job of fitting their figures with as many extras as they can.  I really like the boosters for his feet as it adds a nice clean look for photos and posing.  I also like the 3D look of the red Batman chest insignia. 
The Batman Beyond figure was a SDCC exclusive for a reason, as a lot of toy companies try to offer unique pieces each year at SDCC.  Mezco does an excellent job with nailing the look and details of this cartoon Batman from 1999.  The SDCC figures are always tougher to get but you can most likely find him on eBay for between $150-175 if you are trying to pick him up.  If you can get your hands on him you will really enjoy the figure, and it stands well next to Mezco's other Batman offerings.

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