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Mezco Toyz One:12 Batman Day Ascending Knight Black Variant Review

Mezco Toyz 
Batman Day Black Variant Ascending Knight Batman
Mezco decided to celebrate Batman day with this all black with gold belt Ascending Knight Variant! The Ascending Knight brings with it a very distinct look as Batman evolves over time. This version has a very similar look to the exclusive Batman that was given out by Mezco at NY Toyfair.  The Ascending Knight has quickly become a cool little collection I have, and in the end I plan to have all four versions Mezco is making. Let's get into the details with this third installment of the Ascending Knight Batman.

  • Highly detailed Batman head 
  • Highly detailed Bruce Wayne head 
  • Seven different hands
  • Black spandex outfit and body armor with excellent detail
  • Grappling Gun with multiple attachments and gold highlights
  • Six Batarangs with gold highlights
  • Unique heavy assault Batarang with gold highlights
  • Tranquilizer dart wrist crossbow with gold highlights
  • The Bruce Wayne head portrait doesn't look that great on the figure.
The Mezco Batman Day Ascending Knight doesn't disappoint especially if you missed out on the ToyFair exclusive version.  A lot of people pointed out the only variance in the two is the belt, but all of the accessories the Toy Fair version comes with are completely blacked out.  The Batman Day version comes with accessories that have gold highlights to provide some slick detail to all of his gadgets.
The Ascending Knight Batman is loaded with accessories, and I really enjoy a lot of accessories with a figure! I think the more extras Mezco adds to their figures the more it brings them to life and they seem to understand this.  The figure overall is highly detailed and a lot of fun to play with and pose. His cape is a pleather type material that spreads out very far.  Mezco included a cape clip for this that really adds a lot to how much you can do with the cape.
After receiving the 2018 Toy Fair Batman I knew it would be hard to compete against that look.  He is loaded with weapons and extras and really has a cool feel to him in your hands.  If you missed out on the Toy Fair version of this figure I would recommend picking this version up along with any others you can get your hands on!
Mezco is not taking a cookie cutter approach like a lot of other cheaper toy companies.  They are making distinct figures and accessories for each character that's being made. Yes, it also looks like when it makes sense they are reusing some parts but adding a different spin to these parts so they are not identical.
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