Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Mezco Toyz One:12 Exclusive BvS Knightmare Batman Review

Mezco Toyz Exclusive BvS Knightmare Batman
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a highly controversial movie with DC fans, and you either love it or you hate it. Despite how you feel about Zack Snyder or how the movie was you can not deny that this figure is amazing. It is based on a couple minutes in the film where we see a dystopian future/alternate reality where everything you know about these characters is turned upside-down. It is an earth where Superman is evil and doesn't hesitate to kill and Batman is a resistance fighter who doesn't have any problem with picking up a gun to get the job done. Mezco had originally shown a prototype of this figure but later announced that they were cancelling the project. Luckily, an outcry from Mezco fans in support of this figure erupted, and Mezco listened and made this figure a reality.

  • Three highly detailed head portraits
    • Unmasked Bruce Wayne/Ben Affleck version, Two cowl versions
  • Removable goggles
  • Five interchangeable hands
  • Handgun and thigh holster
  • Highly detailed machine gun with removable ammo clip and Joker art
  • Beautiful brown leather jacket
  • Fabric scarf
  • Articulation is a bit limited due to coat and clothing, but the tradeoff is worth it in my opinion
You can never have too many Batman's. That is for sure. Ever since I first saw this figure I knew that I wanted to get it. Honestly, I didn't really love the movie but the depiction of Batman in this scene is bad ass. Some purists cry about the mere idea of Batman using a gun, but I love the idea of a world gone wrong where Batman will do anything to save the world...even if that means using lethal force. What do you expect when he is fighting an evil Superman?!

The soft goods on this figure are just amazing. They went all out on the details and accessories. They packed this figure with tons of goodies. The highlights are the three heads, the weapons, and of course the brown leather jacket. The screaming head is my favorite version. I just can't say enough positive things about the coat. Details like this are what put Mezco in a class of their own. No one can touch them on this scale.

As you all know by now we are 100% all in on this line. Mezco keeps bringing us fantastic characters and licenses, and the quality of their work is top notch. From what they have shown us at NY Toy Fair it is nice to know that they won't be slowing down any time soon. Unfortunately, this exclusive figure has long since sold out so if you want to add him to your collection you will have to pick him up on eBay or somewhere else on the secondary market. Good luck!

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