Monday, May 8, 2017

Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Green Arrow Figure Review

Mezco Toyz Green Arrow 
I finally got my heads on the Mezco Green Arrow figure and I am very impressed. Much like Bruce Wayne, Oliver Queen doesn't have any super powers other than his smarts and his tech. I am really drawn towards these types of characters. Green Arrow has always been one of the classic characters in the DC Comics stable but has seen a boom in popularity in recent years due to the WB television series starring Stephen Amell. Mezco put a lot of thought into all of the details in this figure and it shows. 

  • Durable, quality plastic and soft goods
  • Tons of accessories (weapons, hands, etc.)
  • Excellent stand
  • Wired hood
  • Fantastic paint 
  • Only one head
Green Arrow comes in the standard Mezco box packaging with a nice piece of artwork on the inside of the box.  When you open the box he is displayed in window packaging revealing all that he comes with along with his stand.  Mezco's packaging is always a highlight with any figure you buy from them.

While this figure only comes with one head Mezco makes up for it by jam packing Green Arrow full of accessories. To start with he comes with five different sets of hands. You can create any type of you look with the different hands. You can go with clenched fists, or hands ready to pull out an arrow, hands to grip his knife or bow, hands to pull back the string, and on and on. You can display him with his hood up or down. It even has a wire inside so that you can manipulate it to get the exact look you want.

The bow looks amazing and is functional in that you can put tension on the string and pull it back. He comes with a knife that you can tuck away in its sheath on the back of the figure. To go with the bow you get a great assortment of arrows. He comes with a cluster of arrows to put on his back, a single regular arrow, triple arrows, a kryptonite arrow, an explosive arrow, and a grappling hook arrow. He is ready for any situation you can throw at him.

I am very happy to own this figure. He is just an all around quality figure. Of course, you can say that about just about any one of the One:12 figures as of to date. He is loaded with accessories, has fantastic paint, a wire in hood, and amazing soft goods. I think Green Arrow is one of the harder DC characters to give a gritty, realistic, modern look to, but Mezco did it. I wholeheartedly recommend this figure. You will not be disappointed.

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