Wednesday, October 26, 2016

NECA TOYS Toys R Us Exclusive Aliens Genocide 2-Pack

NECA Aliens Genocide 2-Pack

If you are a fan of comics and the Alien's franchise then you have at least heard about the Aliens Genocide story line.  As a kid, this was a thrilling comic to read as I tried to understand why would humans want to go to the Aliens home planet.  It's all about a drug called "FIRE" which consists of sweet Alien juice from the xenomorphs body chemistry.  The military wants the drug (Big Surprise) and sets out to travel to the Alien home planet and steal a Queen.  Talk about a death mission! On top of it when the humans land on the planet the Aliens are in the midst of a Civil War.

  • Excellent repainted versions of the popular Dog Alien and Big Chap
  • Great articulation with both figures from head to toe
  • Dog Alien really stands out among all the other Genocide Aliens
  • Big Chap looks even better in red then black
  • Dog Alien comes with his classic stand
  • Big Chap and Dog Alien's mouths are slightly loose but doesn't affect posing or pictures

The packaging is the classic 2-Pack clam shell and provides some nice action shots of the figures.  On the back of the packaging it provides a nice shot of all the latest Aliens Genocide figures by NECA. The original Aliens Genocide 2-Pack was very similar but included an all red and all black xenomorph.  That was an excellent 2-Pack, but the new version with Dog and Big Chap really steps it up a level.  

The Dog and Big Chap Aliens are exactly what you would expect from their original releases that were not done long ago.  The paint scheme captures the look of the Genocide comics perfectly, and I can just imagine these bad boys being up in the mix of the huge battle on the Aliens home planet.  The paint applications are done well. The joints are not stiff and provide lots or articulation.  If I had to choose between the two figures I would say the Dog version is my favorite.  I was very happy to hear when this was originally announced that the Dog Alien would be apart of this pack and it doesn't disappoint. 

It's hard to think it's possible, but this Aliens Genocide 2-Pack is even better than its first release. You get two of possibly the best Aliens molds to date in the awesome red Genocide color.  They hold their poses well and were a ton of fun to shoot with the Genocide Queen. I would highly recommend you pick up this two pack to add to your Aliens Genocide army...they are worth it!
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