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Mezco Toyz John Stewart Green Lantern Review

Mezco Toyz 
John Stewart Green Lantern Review  
As a young boy in the middle of the 80's I can remember one of my first Kenner Super Powers figures was Green Lantern.  The Super Powers line from the 80's is really why I love all of the characters to this day!  Whether its John Stewart or Hal Jordan, I was always following the extremely unique DC character.  John Stewart is a man of many traits, a US Marine Vet, intergalactic guardian and a true hero. Let's take a closer look at John Stewart and Mezco's execution of the Green Lantern.

  • Two detailed head portraits
  • Eleven interchangeable hands
  • Light up lantern
  • Numerous Green Lantern FX
  • FX are designed well
  • The suit details don't line up on the back of the legs
  • Some of the stitching was poorly done around the neck and elbows

The first thing that stood out to me was the details on the Green Lantern suit.  The suit really pops as soon as you open the package with a lot of good details.  I had no issues or stiffness bending the leg and arm joints right out of the box.  The John Stewart face sculpts both look great, and I always like when Mezco includes 2 different distinct head sculpts. The majority of his effects come with the hand already apart of the effect.  This really allows for easy hand swapping and also a sturdier effect when posing or taking pictures. The light up effect in the lantern is strong and is actually and appealing light up effect for a figure.  The majority of the time I don't think the light up effects are that great, but this one works well!
John comes out of the box ready to go with plenty of effects to pose and play with. He comes on a highly articulated body with a sleek suit.  I did mention a few very minor points like the stitching and the details of the green lining not exactly lined up perfectly, but its very minor compared to the overall figure.  Mezco was smart to include a hand as apart of each effect instead of trying to make it some sort of groove to make it fit in with his standard hands. Mezco is also releasing the Hal Jordan version in the future and it looks amazing. I prefer the Hal Jordan Green Lantern but this version really looks and feels great in hand!

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