Thursday, June 13, 2019

Mezco Toyz One:12 Diabolik Figure Review

Mezco Toyz Diabolik
The Diabolik comic is a character from Italian Comics that started out in the early 1960's.  You may not remember him from over the years depending on where you lived growing up.  It's actually an expansive series that released over 800 volumes and has sold over 100 million copies! Diabolik is a thief that will do anything including murder in order to cash in on his missions.  He's a master of disguise that will target criminals and steal anything with significant value. Diabolik does carry a soft side and will not hurt police or innocent people during his missions of mischief.  Let's take a closer look and see how Mezco did with this "Robin Hood" type master thief. 
  • Two unique face sculpts 
  • Sharp night vision goggles
  • Black wrist watch (first from Mezco)
  • Suction glass grips with actual suction cups on the ends
  • Black backpack with the ability to open and store items
  • Eight interchangeable hands
  • Unique wrist sheaths 
  • Assortment of daggers
  • Imperial Egg and Diamond 
  • Double jointed elbows
  • Night vision goggles don't quite sit right and line up with his face
I feel like the most common questions that come with a new Mezco release is what body does the figure have?  Diabolik actually comes on the Spidey body with great articulation all around.  I really like the all black suit and the fact that his feet are separate from the suit and not covering the feet.  This was an issue with the Symboite Spider-Man's ankles that Mezco released about a year ago.
Now that we know he comes on a nice body, lets talk about the other positives with Diabolik.  He comes with a nice array of accessories that really capture the feel of the character from the comic.  He may not be a well known character, but he's really slick and a perfect take from what I remember in the comics.  He comes with two head sculpts, and the unmasked head sculpt could also be used for a Punisher, or maybe even a Bruce Wayne.  I love when we get parts with our figures that allow some mix and match and let collectors use their imagination.
The Diabolik character may not be one you know well, but he's an excellent add to the Mezco One:12 line.  I really hope Mezco continues to take on some obscure characters to breathe in some newness to the line. We all love the DC and Marvel characters they put out, but I enjoy these types of characters just as much. I think the suction cups are one of the coolest accessories that come with him, and the best part is this allows more options with our other Mezco figures. Like all the reviews I do, I let my pictures say the rest!
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