Friday, August 4, 2017

Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective SDCC Exclusive X-Men Deadpool Review

Mezco Toyz SDCC Exclusive X-Men Deadpool
The "Merc with a Mouth" gets his X-Men suit, and it looks gooooood.  If you're a casual fan of Deadpool you are probably thinking where is the red and black suit?  Deadpool has worn a few outfits over his time with Marvel comics, and the blue and yellow spandex sure does fit snug.  I would say this color scheme probably isn't for everyone, but I really think it stands out and looks great on him!  Let's take a closer look at the SDCC 2017 Mezco Exclusive Deadpool! 

  • Excellent X-Men tight fitting suit with original design that highlights his body features
  • Great articulation from head to toe
  • Accessories are well done and very detailed
  • I especially love his modified M-4 and his custom grenades
  • Guns are made with the ability to use firing effect from other figures (Punisher)
  • The outfit fabric can fray if you are not careful
  • Areas on the outfit like elbows show some slight wear to fabric
  • Not much variance between the 2 heads he comes with
Deadpool comes in a smaller sized Mezco box packaging than your standard Mezco figure. I really like the smaller box packaging since it's easier to store and has a nice classic look.  The inside still has the same type packaging with the figure, and all of its extras are securely packaged inside. I have also really grown to love the fact that Mezco includes a nice bag to keep all the extra parts in.
If you like figures with great articulation and detail then Mezco is making the perfect figures for you.   This version of Deadpool is highly detailed from top to bottom. The body is well made and provides plenty of poses and looks for you to choose from. He has a great array of weapons between his sword, pistol, M-4 and grenades. He really packs a punch!  After removing him from the box I did a lot of different posing with him to see the capability of his articulation.  I also swapped a lot of weapons from other figures with him to see how they would work, and they all looked great!
Deadpool is flat out a fun figure to pose and play with.  His colors really pop, and he's able to handle a ton of different poses. I really like his assortment of accessories and the variance of the blue and yellow suit. He is highly detailed, highly articulated, and well armed...all things I have come to expect from Mezco.
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