Monday, May 23, 2016

NECA TOYS Breaks the Internet with TMNT Announcement

What a freaking way to celebrate World Turtle Day! Randy Falk and NECA TOYS have outdone themselves once again! They have broken Twitter and the Internet with their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle news!

TMNT Teaser
As a hardcore TMNT fan I am ecstatic! Totally freaking excited! This has been many years in the making and Randy's patience and perseverance has finally paid off. A long time ago on one of our visits to the studio we spotted some Konami TMNT arcade game figures. Of course, we inquired and Randy coyly told us "maybe one day." 

Well, on our last visit with Randy he blew us away!!! He showed us up close all of the TMNT goodies that they have been working extremely hard on. Some may wonder what Randy has been doing recently when he takes mini Twitter sabbaticals. Well, he's working his ass off on fantastic stuff that in the past people only dreamed of ever being possible.

There are a lot of TMNT stuff in the works over at NECA, but the big news is in regards to the two SDCC Exclusive TMNT Four Packs by NECA TOYS. If you loved the TMNT arcade game and the Turtles, Shredder, and Foot Soldiers from the game then you are going to be blown away. These figures capture the look and feel of the game PERFECTLY. Not only that, but they going to come with some SWEET accessories! 

Here's the awesome news straight from the NECA website:

SDCC Exclusive: TMNT Arcade Turtles and Foot Clan Box Sets!

More information regarding pre-orders for those attending SDCC will be announced later this week.

Steve and I have been holding in this information in for a while, and it has been killing us. TMNT is my one true love when it comes to toys and collecting so of course I am happy as hell. Seeing these bad boys up close and in person was amazing. You are all going to want these...and that is a huge understatement! These will be pretty limited due to licensing restraints, but at least we are finally getting these after all of these years! 

Update: The sets will be $100 a piece. Also, due to licensing restraints (thanks NICK/Playmates) these will not be sold at retail. They can only be sold as sets at conventions as per Randy Falk.

NECA has posted FAQ's in regards to their SDCC exclusives. Check it out.

Also, those attending SDCC can preorder the exclusives NOW. 

Oh, and this is only the beginning of the great things to come in regards to TMNT and NECA!!!! 

Cowabunga dudes!


  1. Why are these exclusives? Why? I want those ninja turtles.

  2. It's part of the licensing agreement. Legally binding. It's the only way Nick/Playmates would allow NECA to make them.

  3. only sold at convention??? ....$100???
    HA!!!! expect MAJOR price hikes!!!