Friday, March 25, 2016

NECA TOYS AVP Grid and Warrior Alien Review

Grid and Warrior Aliens

When you think about an Alien fighting a Predator most people will think that the Predator wins hands down.  In a true one on one battle this could be the case, but the Aliens in AVP show nothing is certain.  In the movie, one of the last things you start to see are the Aliens attacking humans and Predators.  At this point in the movie it looks as if the Xenos are truly the best.  The GRID Alien picks apart two Predators before finally being taken out by the Scar Predator.  We will cut the Predators some slack as this was their chance to prove themselves by defeating a Xenomorph.  Let's take a closer look at NECA's GRID and Warrior Aliens from the movie Alien vs Predator.

  • The aliens are updated with better articulation
  • Articulation in hands and feet
  • Peg holes have been added in feet for a stand
  • Joints are tighter than previous aliens
  • Tail sculpts are awesome
  • The Xenos still have some trouble standing on their own
The AVP packaging art is used for both AVP Xenos.  They come in the same clamshell packaging as previous Xenomorphs NECA has released.  It gives a detailed description of each Alien on the back of the package.

I have been buying NECA xenomorphs since they started releasing them.  They now have a few different bodies they have created for different aliens figures.  I really like the mold of the Dog alien, but with the added articulation with the new AVP Xenos it's hard not to grade them the same as the Dog alien.  The tails on the new AVP Xenos are very detailed and allow for so many bends and poses with them.  The added joints also are great for posing to really get the look of one of the Xenos pressing their hand into a Predators body.  The Grid alien is blue with great detail and sculpt to show the net that has burned his skin.  The Warrior alien is more of a black and silver color and captures the look of the dark Xenos running through the temple.

OK, so it's become a theme as we continue to review figures that generally the new versions being released are even better than the last.  It's hard to do reviews when each figure continues to get better and better.  NECA could continue to rehash molds or try little tweaks here and there, but they just don't do that.  They expand on what they have and make better figures without taking away the value of the older figures.  I have a lot of the different Xenos NECA has made, and I like the fact that none of them feel outdated.  Now if you own McFarlane items then I am sorry, but those are what I mean by outdated.  If you are online, or at a local store that carries these AVP xenomorphs, I would strongly consider adding them to your collection.
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