Monday, September 22, 2014

Tour of NECA Studios with Randy Falk

On Friday afternoon Steve and I had the opportunity to meet Director of Product Development, Randy Falk. He gave us a full tour of NECA's studio. We had a blast!

Upon arrival, Randy immediately greeted us and took us over to where all of the magic happens. First, I have to mention that Randy is a super chill guy. He's just a regular guy who is extremely friendly and personable. It is obvious that he is just as passionate about their products as we as fans are. You will not find another company that is as accessible to their fans as NECA. Randy is constantly interacting with fans via social media and public events. This is what enables them to have a great pulse on what us as fans want and what helps them keep blowing us away with new and innovative products. 

 We got to meet the employees who help make these figures come to life. It was super fun and informative meeting the sculptors, painters, photographer, and others. They begin with an idea and start from scratch for each new figure. They walked us through each step of the process to show us exactly what it entails to make a figure. NECA is meticulous when it comes to design and getting every little detail just right. They truly agonize over the little details such as the teeth color of the Queen Alien, etc. This is awesome because those little details are what make their finished products a notch or two above the competition.

 We got to see tons of the upcoming figures up close and personal. To name a few we saw the Queen Alien, the Dog Alien, the new Rambo 2 figure, the Sweat Suit Rocky, the Viper Predator, the Enforcer Predator, the Bad Blood Predator, the NES Batman, and Snake Plissken. Each and everyone of them look amazing and I can't wait to get them in my hands!

 We didn't take any pictures inside the studio due to the fact that they have TONS of stuff in there that no one knows about yet. As good as the figures NECA has brought us this year such as the NES Predator, the Mego-style Jason, Bad Blood, etc, I can safely tell you that you ain't seen nothing yet! They have some ridiculously awesome things planned in the upcoming months and year. We freaked out when we saw what they have planned. Be on the lookout from NECA for updates because you are going to be blown away!

 Randy took lots of time out of his busy schedule to show us around and for that we are extremely thankful. He's a solid, down to earth dude and we couldn't have asked for a better time. We hope that we will be lucky enough to do that again in the future. 

 Lastly, Randy was nice enough to give us a couple parting gifts before we made the trip back home. Steve was given the new Rambo 2 figure which is starting to hits stores as of right now. And I was lucky enough to get the first ever Bad Blood Predator that has been released to the public. Needless to say, we were both ecstatic! Both figures are awesome as hell and Bad Blood is a total BEAST!!!! You will be blown away when you see him as he is one my favorite Predators they have made to date.

In the very near future I will do a full review of the NECA BAD BLOOD Predator. Until then, I leave you with this...

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