Monday, September 12, 2016

NECA TOYS Pacific Rim Kaiju Hardship Review

Pacific Rim Kaiju 
Pacific Rim is all about Kaiju monsters attacking earth through a portal in the sea.  It starts off with some great action sequences in the beginning of the movie. He is shown in night vision in the prologue of the movie fighting Romeo Blue.  The kaijus from the movie are awesome and we get to see the epic size of these monsters the jaegers have to fight.
  • Hardship is a solid figure, no hollow plastic here
  • Unique details and paint apps really make the monster shine
  • Good articulation and body movement
  • Comes with a stand
  • Can be difficult to stand and capture certain poses

Hardship has a similar appearance to Mutavore. The real difference is the huge knife like head he has.  He also possesses yellow bio-luminescence across his body, eyes, and mouth.  Hardship pounces, and once he's on top of you he clutches you tightly for his kill. The Jaeger Romeo Blue was tasked with taking down Hardship which in the end Romeo Blue was able to destroy Hardship. Although Hardship doesn't get a lot of screen time he is still a beautiful sight on the big screen.

The figure itself has great paint applications and good articulation in the arms and the legs.  The mouth has jaws that move back in forth and there is also a joint in the neck. While posing Hardship I had to used his tail to maintain balance for some of its poses, but a stand is included with it.  The shoulder and knee joints were a little stiff but I had no issues bending and using them.  The paint is very detailed all the way down to the two eyes on each side of its face.  It towers over the Jaegers and has a great scale comparison to the other figures in the Pacific Rim line. 

Hardship may be one of the last figures we get from the Pacific Rim line, but it's a really great send off figure.  NECA has done a great job with the entire movie line and this Kaiju is no different.  NECA also recently released Ultimate Gypsy Danger and Eureka Striker to give all the fans the definitive versions of their favorite characters from Pacific Rim!  

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