Monday, July 28, 2014

NECA AHAB Predator Review

So I got my AHAB Predator today from NECA and I am extremely happy. He looks better than I thought he would! His mask is cool, but so is his scarred face. Take a look at my pics and the process of me opening him up.


I am disappointed that I ordered something directly from NECA and the card is bent up top. This is so common with these figures. Although I open these, I keep the cards as well. 

Bent Card


The figure itself looks great and has good detail on the basic predator body. I like his staff and his weapons. They fit well on his body with no slipping. The dreads are more flexible and allow easy placement of the laser cannon. 

The Infamous Broken Part

As I gently pulled the figure out of the thin plastic his left hand popped off. I took him completely out and placed the hand back on the joint. It barely stays on but at least it does. No other parts look to have issues and his legs are tight. 


He poses well and stays in place. He stands out from the older style predators with his mask but doesn't go over the top like the ones from the recent predators movie. 

Pictures with a flash

Last thing I wanted to note is my friend recently bought 2 NECA Predators (Wasp and NES) a week ago which also had broken hands that barely stay on. I love the work NECA does with design and sculpt, but they have to get their factory QC under control. I buy a ton from NECA and hope this improves. 

Predator collection before AHAB!

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