Friday, August 5, 2016

NECA TOYS Weyland-Yutani Commando Review

ALIEN 3 Weyland-Yutani Commando
The Commando is not John Matrix, but it is Weyland-Yutani's strong arm fighter.  We don't get to see too much of these Commandos in the movie, but I am happy that NECA decided to make sure they were released.  A lot of action movies try different looks for their "military" ranks, especially movies that are set in the future or a different time.  The movie ALIEN 3 is no different, and for me the Commandos were the highlight of the film. They are hardcore fighters that don't fear much of anything...maybe just a Xenomorph or a rogue Ripley. 

  • Every detail is covered from the on screen version of the Commando
  • Overall good articulation in leg, hip, elbow, and shoulders
  • Comes with both versions of visors (Up/Down)
  • Backpack is flexible and moves well when posing the figure
  • Great set of water transfer decals with lots of possibilities 
  • The head has some slight articulation issues moving left and right

The NECA ALIENS line continues to come in the clam shell packaging with great figure and movie art all around.  The back provides a summary of the events from ALIEN 3 along with an excellent movie like shot of a Commando holding the fence.


Generally people hear the name Alien and think of the Xenomorphs right away, but I also love the Marines and Commandos from the movies. This figure is a perfect example of how great they are at making the human figures from the ALIENS franchise.  He includes an all black pulse rifle, knife, water transfer decals, and two sets of visors for his helmet.  This figure gives you a great base to specifically customize with the decals NECA provides with him. I had a lot of fun working with these decals, and I hope NECA continues to think of them more in the future when it make sense for a figure. NECA's sales are not as high with "Human" figures so its our job to buy them when they are released!

The NECA Commando is a spot on version to what we all see in the end of ALIEN 3.  We may all have different opinions on what we think of the movie, but the Dog Alien and Commando are two unforgettable characters that NECA made into fanatic action figures! The Commando is an excellent troop builder figure that continues to sell out everywhere!  If you come across one in the wild don't think twice just buy it!
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