Friday, February 26, 2016

NECA TOYS Pacific Rim Ultimate Striker Eureka Review

Pacific Rim 
Ultimate Striker Eureka 

     The Pacific Rim line may be coming to a close after 2 1/2 years, but NECA has made sure that we receive Ultimate versions from the icons of the movie.  The Ultimate Striker is a very nice upgrade from the first version NECA released.  The Striker is the strongest and fastest of all the Jaegers, and he really knows how to brawl. The Ultimate version comes with a lot of updates that make it worth buying even if you have the original.

  • Excellent update to the first version with more articulation
  • Paint scheme is sharper and brings out the details of the Striker
  • Alternate Chest with firing missiles really adds a unique look
  • Retractable Dual Sting Blades
  • Removable Nuclear Payload

  • Sting Blades are a little loose on his left arm
  • Nuclear Payload parts a little loose but doesn't affect the figure


NECA has really been bringing it with their packaging for the Ultimate figures.  The window packaging really adds a nice, clean look to the box. Inside is a sharp city backdrop that you can use to pose with your Striker.


As I said, the ultimate version is a great update to the original.  There were no issues posing him, or when swapping parts, and he works well with the new NECA dynamic figure stand.  His joints are nice and tight which allows for some fun poses without him falling over.  Even though Godzilla is from a different line I consider him to be the ultimate Kaiju. I loved posing the two together. There are so many characters from the Pacific Rim line, but I have always liked the Striker Eureka.

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